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Libra is a co-operative of professionals who:
  • supply the latest and best knowledge, including systematic reviews, to answer your  research needs, with specialization in healthcare and social economics
  • build institutional libraries and archives
  • design, operate and manage knowledge infrastructures for high performance
  • facilitate inter-professionalknowledge sharing and collaborative communication
How We Help You:                                                                                                                                                            

We have over 20 years experience locating the best knowledge to support professional practice and organizing institutional knowledge infrastructure. Whether it’s libraries, archives, or research support our approach is personal, practical and efficient. For a modest investment we give you what you need to know to optimize performance. Our work for hospitals gained us “top performer”credentials from a prominent management consultant and a best practice award from the Ontario Hospital Association. Most important of all, perhaps, the professionals we work continue to rate our work as excellent.

Libra specializes in design, management, and consultancy in the following areas: Research, Web Services, Library Services, and Knowledge Management.

Our most common services include:

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At Libra we are expert researchers. We offer

  • Research Reports
  • Systematic Review
  • Literature Searches
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Libra offers a variety of web services:

  • Web Design & Information Architecture
  • Design Maintenance
  • Content Development
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Libra provides a range of information services:
  • Library reference
  • Document/Content Delivery
  • Cataloguing/Classification
  • Commons Consultancy
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Libra offers a variety of knowledge management services:
  • Database Design and Management
  • Enterprise Knowledge, Organization, and Resources and Management
  • Information Management
  • Knowledge Mobilization: Workshops, Education, and Training

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MAIL: P.O. Box 353, Station A Toronto, ON M5W1C2
Tel.: 416-707-3509
Fax: 416-861-0520
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