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logo for past projectsPAST PROJECTS:

  • Sheridan College: We were end user researchers at Sheridan College, which entailed surveying staff and students regarding their experience and needs in using the Learning Commons in order to determine the impact on the bottom line for the students. Particularly, our Key Performance Indicators​​have helped them improve their end user service delivery. Our research served to better frame the development of the physical learning commons design and evolution. (Oakville, ON)
    Sheridan College logo
  • College of the Rockies: From our work with Sheridan we were referred to a major western community college, the College of the Rockies in British Columbia. Here we conducted interviews with staff and created a report detailing recommendations for their Learning Commons and what it could bring to students and how it would improve and impact the library services for students and staff. By transforming their Library Services into a Learning Commons, we completely transfigured their information services into a model suitable for the new millennium. (Cranbrook, BC)
    College of the Rockies logo
  • Finance: Libra developed an operations manual for a provincial financial services association.​
  • Healthcare: Hospitals who have used Libra's research and analysis have seen a notable decrease in their Standardized Mortality Ratio (SMR).
  • NGOs: In the past Libra has provided plain language end user communications for member-based housing NGOs.
  • Red Panamericana: A recent web service project was for the Red Panamericana Project. This project exists to establish the first Cruyff Soccer Court in North America (in Toronto) as part of the Legacy program of the 2015 Pan Am Games. We designed and developed the information architecture, content, and maintained the website. (Toronto ON)
  • Biomimetics Technologies Inc.: We finished designing the first website ​Biomimetics Technologies Inc., including the complete information architecture along with the maintenance of the site. (Toronto ON)
    Biomimetics Technologies Inc. logo

  • Chemetics International Company: Developed, organized, and implemented a large records management program for a multinational engineering company​, known as Chemetics International Company. This project consisted of organizing the company's entire technical documentation library of engineering drawings into a functional collection. The result saved the company an immeasurable amount of time and money. (Toronto, ON)
  • Healthcare: Veterans of the Hospital & Healthcare​​field, Libra has operated and managed three hospital libraries in Ontario.
  • NGOs: Libra created a contact and programme service database for an NGO operated UN conference secretariat.
  • Athabasca University, Athabasca AB
  • Grand River Hospital, Kitchener ON
  • Rooftops Canada Foundation/ Fondation Abri International, Toronto ON (International Development)
  • Women's College Hospital, Toronto ON

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